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Keep it Creative

Music Videos


Creating a visual companion piece which presents your music.

We get regular requests for music videos. Every music video is different and can range from a simple montage video of iPhone footage to a fully planned production requiring location and casting management. Here’s some examples below:


Fenella - I Will Not Win (Little Tiger Records)


Fenella wanted something influenced by the Andy Warhol screen tests to go with the feel of her music. We came up with a very simple concept of having her stare at the camera in one single shot. The result is a wonderfully evocative and intimate companion piece for the video.

“With a stirring effect on the viewer, it allows the focus to remain on her stunning vocals and moving lyrics” - Tenement TV


Mark W. Georgsson - Oh My Dear Friend (Last Night From Glasgow)  


The band were getting traction and playing some interesting gigs in Iceland. Sadly it was beyond the band’s budget to fly us to Iceland. Instead the band collected travel footage on their phones and we put it together.


Emme Woods - I’ve been Running (Last Night From Glasgow)


We worked on this with Jamie from Bella Rebel Media. Following a day of recording the single, we drove around at night until we found a playpark and filmed a simple piece on a roundabout which focused on Emme Woods performing a variety of actions that looked great on camera. The result was perfect for the song.


Eilidh Morrison  - Pretty Eyes (self released)


Following the recording of Eilidh’s single, she wanted a simple but effective idea for a music video. She handed out flyers at her single launch asking everyone to film the song on their phones. We then edited this footage together.


Fenella - Shooter (Creeping Bent)


Building on her previous single, we discussed a rough narrative for a video which was influenced by film noir and the lyrics of the video. The video takes place in one location and is based around shots of Fenella acting out a dream sequence.


Iona Music Festival - Montage Video


We were covering photography at Iona Music Festival and caught enough video to put together this lovely montage of the event.