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Keep it Creative

Music Production


Creating professional studio recordings for bands and artists across scotland and beyond

We have worked in studios across Europe and as well as working on numerous live mixes and field recordings over the years, we love nothing more than working closely with artists in order to realise their creative vision in a finished audio project. Below are some examples:


Carly Connor - Who’s gonna love you


With the production of Carly Connor’s track we were aiming for a 60’s influenced track. The final product went on to be single of the week on several national radio stations.

“fantastic Motown inspired stomper” - Tenement TV


Dirty Diamond - Sex Toy


We produced Dirty diamond and the gunslinger's debut single. The band had their own personal practice space. The rhythm tracks were recorded there and then additional production took place in the Keep It Creative studio to add overdubs.


Anton & The Colts  - My favourite song


This track was built from a simple recording of a vocal and acoustic and then the we built a soundscape by adding additional instruments and some studio magic and polish.


Emme Woods - I’ve been Running


We produced the second single for Emme Woods as a bespoke recording in an old large living room. The single was critically acclaimed and off the back of it’s release, the band were invited to a variety of showcases (Wide days, Great escape, Xponorth, SXSW) and featured in numerous ‘best of 2017’ lists.

“heart grabbing blues” - the national


Mick Hargan - 45 E.P


Mick is a well known face in the Glasgow music scene. As a musician who has toured in more countries than many people can name, merchandising is an important part of the revenue which supports his creativity. We recorded this E.P. with him and it still sells well.  


Eilidh Morrison  - Pretty Eyes


Eilidh is a singer songwriter who put together a band for this single recording. As a result, the recording consisted of a number of overdubs built around a vocal and piano performance.